Revitalizing Endangered Languages Conference

RELC: Saturday and Sunday, April 12-13, 2014
Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK

The Center for Tribal Studies and the Department of Cherokee and Indigenous Studies at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK, announce the first Revitalizing Endangered Languages Conference (RELC). This year’s theme is “Revitalizing languages in the home.” We encourage submission of papers dealing with any aspect of language revitalization, including but not limited to: language policy, language rights, teaching techniques, language documentation, and technology and materials development. We welcome presentations by community members describing their own experiences and programs. Presenters can also submit their finished papers for publication in a special theme issue of the new indigenous studies journal The Green Review. The keynote speaker is Dr. Leanne Hinton.

RELC takes place at the end of the 42nd Annual Symposium on the American Indian and Powwow (April 7-12, 2014). The theme of this year’s Symposium is "Thriving Nations - Resilient Peoples." Information for the Symposium.

After the Saturday workshop session, participants will have the opportunity to attend a Powwow that brings together well-known fancy dancers and local Oklahoma tribes. Participants are also invited to arrive in time for the Indigenous Language Revitalization and Documentation Workshop that precedes RELC; this year's theme is "Talking Dictionaries for Indigenous Languages." The revitalization workshop occurs on Thursday evening and all day Friday (April 10-11, 2014).

Deadline for abstracts is Feb. 7
Talks are limited to 20 minutes in length, followed by 10 minutes for questions. Abstracts should be between 250-500 words and include contact details, community or institutional affiliation, and title. The presentation schedule will be announced no later than Feb. 21. Please submit abstracts and questions to Brad Montgomery-Anderson at

Registration is $50 for faculty, $30 for students and elders
This fee is primarily a fundraiser for the symposium (it also pays for refreshments and a catered lunch).

Make checks payable to NSU with “Center for Tribal Studies-RELC” in the memo.
Submit to: Northeastern State University, C/o Center for Tribal Studies-RELC,
600 N. Grand Ave., Tahlequah, Ok 74464.

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