Who's my academic advisor?

All NSU students should have an advisor; contact your college department secretary, the University Advising Center office at 918-444-3253, or come to the Student Academic Success Center.

When do class start? and When are finals? - Academic Calendar

Check out the Academic Calendar.

How do I apply for Academic Forgiveness?

Fill out the Academic Forgiveness form (pdf) and turn it into the Office of the Registrar.

What is my Banner ID Number? Where can I get a Student ID?

It is how the school identifies you. It's required on most forms you fill out accross campus, and is needed to log in to certaint things. It is the "N number" found on your student ID. You can get your student ID in the Case building, second floor.

How do I calculate my GPA (Grade Point Average)?

Check out this  GPA calculator or this GPA Calculator with instructions.

How do I declare or change my major?

To declare or change a major or minor, you must contact the University Advising Center office at 918-444-3253 or Student Academic Success Center at 918.444.3651 to make an apointment.

Where do I go for Enrollment? What classes do I take?

The CASE building, first floor, in the University Advising Center. You can also enroll from your goNSU account, by going to the Students tab. The Degree Works audit program, can help you see what classes you need to take. Degree Works is under the MY NSU tab on the NSUOK home page. You can also come to the SASC for help with enrollment.

Where do I go to check on my FAFSA?

The CASE building, second floor. That's where the financial aid office is, and they can pull up your FAFSA rewards on their computer, or you can look yourself on computers they have available.

What are the general education requirements?

All students who graduate from NSU must complete the Gen-Ed requirements. Check out a detailed list of the required classes from University Advising Center.

What is a hold or restriction on my account?

It can mean anything from a parking ticket to unpaid tuition. You will need to login to your goNSU account, from the NSUOK home page, select the “student” tab, and see what charges appear on the left hand side of the screen.

Where can I get help for my learning disability?

To request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), complete and submit the form on the Human Resources site. For other learning disabilities, please contact the Donna Agee with Student Support Services at 918.444.2120 or ageedm@nsuok.edu

I need to get my transcript.

You can get an authorized copy of your transcript in the CASE building. You can print one off yourself, right off your goNSU account. When you log on to your goNSU, click on the Students tab, and on the right side of the page there is a box that says Academic Profile, and there is a link to click to look at your transcript.

What to do if I need to withdraw or drop a class?

If you withdraw from single courses or completely from the university before or during the 12th week, you will be assigned a "W" regardless of your progress in the course. If you withdraw after the 12th week, the instructor may assign a "W" or "F" depending on your standing in the course.

You can add a class or drop a class by using your self service menu via goNSU. The approved dates for adding and/or dropping are listed in the semester calendar of the class schedule. The student must secure approval of the instructor, department chair and/or college dean, and present it to the Registrar's office in order to add a class after the last day to add has passed.

For more information contact the Office of the Registrar.