Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty and Staff may submit referrals for students that they feel need further assistance outside of the classroom. It takes very little time and can be done quite simply through various methods:

  • MAP-Works
  • Blackboard: Within any course on Blackboard, click on the 'Tools' tab and find the MAP-Works Logo & Link. Click the 'Don't have an access key?' and an access key will be emailed to you. You may now access MAP-Works through Blackboard!
  • Facebook: Click the 'Don't have an access key?' and an access key will be emailed to you. You may now access MAP-Works through Facebook!

  • iPhone/Android: For the busy professor 'on-the-go', MAP-Works is also available on iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices by searching for the MAP-Works App.

 Login Instructions for MAP-Works


1)    Go to: https://nsuok.map-works.com/

2)    Under “Faculty/Staff”, and ‘Are you a new user?” click on the “Sign Up” link.

3)    Enter your NSU email address in the following format: username@nsuok.edu    

4)    Click the “GO” button

5)    An email will be sent to you with a link to the MAP-Works system.

6)    Click on the link in the email.

7)    Create password and confirm.**Password must be between 6 & 20 characters, must have at least one letter and one number, and can not contain any punctuation (.,%!?^&, etc).

When you log in for the first time, a Confidentiality Statement will appear that you must accept in order to be admitted into the system.  You will only have to accept this once.

Once you have accepted the Confidentiality Statement, you may watch a short video. However, the video will give you more information than you really need for your access level. Once you close the video box, you are now ready to submit a referral! Click the ‘referrals’ tab at the top of the screen or the ‘GO’ button!

The next time you log into Map-Works, remember that your username is your full NSU email address and your password is what you created when you signed up. Now refer to the referral instructions for more information on how to submit a referral.


Step 1: Log into map works – www.nsuok.map-works.com. Your username is your full NSU e-mail address, and your password was created at sign-up.

Step 2: Select “Go” under Student Referrals

Step 3: Take appropriate action within the referral section

To Create a Referral:

1)      Search for a student.
2)      Click on their name and the create referral box opens.
3)      Briefly describe the issue, Read through the available categories and make a selection. Please include the course number in your description of the issue.
4)      You have the option to mark the referral high priority concern.
5)      For the option “Referral issuer may be revealed to student,” always select “no.” If “yes” is selected, the student will receive an e-mail that contains the exact wording of the referral.
6)      Answer a few questions and save.

*You will get a confirmation message that the referral was saved successfully and an email will be sent to the faculty/staff member responsible for receiving referrals for that student.

Notes on Referrals:

·         Referrals are created by faculty and staff to send information about a student.

·         Referrals can be flagged as High Priority Concern indicating the issue is negative or a problem. There are two types of referrals: Direct and Central.

·         Direct Referrals are sent by a faculty or staff member to one or more other faculty or staff members or a Campus Resource contact.

·         Central Referrals are sent by faculty or staff member to a Central Referral Contact who will then send the referral the appropriate Campus Resource contact.


For questions, technical support, or additional information, please contact:

Andrea Velsor, Student Academic Success Center (John Vaughan Library, 1st floor)

velsor@nsuok.edu  ext. 3653



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