About MAP-Works

Freshman and sophomore students that have taken University Strategies from fall 2011 to now will receive an email about taking the MAP-Works survey 4 times throughout the academic year. These surveys will help “make achievement possible” for the students. Each student will receive an individual report with results unique to them. The results may help students discover areas where there is potential for improvement. Students may meet with a coordinator in the SASC about those results. To get started, the student will need to go to their email and click on the link to begin the survey.

Another way Northeastern State University will use the MAP-Works system is the referral system. This will be a way for offices on campus to make sure that students are getting the necessary help available. Direct-connects will receive referrals of students with concerns specific to their area of expertise and can follow-up with the student as soon as 24 hours. Referrals can range from concerns about career planning and internships to financial aid. No matter the referral issue, MAP-Works will keep those that are direct-connects better informed and better equipped to give the student the help they may need to be successful in college life inside and outside of the classroom.

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