NSU Testimonials

"As a freshman at NSU the Student Academic Success Center has helped me with making a resume, by sitting down and working one on one with me to get it started and even went as far as proof reading it.  SASC has also helped me by making sure I am on the right track with my career plans, as to giving me a checklist to make sure I stay on task. The SASC is a friendly group of people willing to help any student on campus."
Mallory Speaks- NSU Freshman 2012

" LaWanna,
 I think you do an excellent job.  I certainly have more limited methods of contacting students and after awhile, if they don't respond, they start getting off-track.  So I really appreciate the work your center does and your responsiveness and professionalism in particular.  It is always a pleasure to have your help."
-Lisa Czlonka; College of Business


Olaf Standley has been a huge asset to our students and to our office. He attended our New International Student Orientation and spoke about the services offered in the Student Success Center. He gave out his email and phone number and told all our new students that if they had any questions about enrolling in classes, dropping classes, declaring a major, picking classes or finding a tutor that they could visit him. Our students visit me in my office to receive advice about remaining in status, and it has been a wonderful partnership to walk students over to Olaf to continue the conversation about enrolling in courses at NSU. Olaf is well-versed in available courses and excellent at explaining Self Service Banner to our students, many of whom have arrived from abroad this week and are experiencing America (and full time English) for the first time. He has trained with me about the rules for international student enrollment, and he is often in our office talking with students and asking how else he can help our office.Kristal Soderstrom has also been wonderful support to the work Olaf has begun with our office. She was able to enroll two students yesterday in classes when they were told elsewhere on campus that they couldn't be enrolled. She solved their problem and spoke to IT to fix the issue with the technology that prevented them from enrolling. Without either of their assistance this week, several students wouldn't be enrolled in classes. It is because of Olaf and Kristal that our new students have a good impression of NSU staff and how important our new students are. I wanted to express my gratitude for both Olaf and Kristal - and this new center. I hope this is the beginning of a strong partnership between the Student Success Center and the Office of International Programs. 

-Alyssa Buckley, Acting Director, International Programs