Student Organizations

Broken Arrow campus

Northeastern State University has a rich variety of recognized student organizations to complement student academic life. Student Affairs provides students matriculating at NSU an opportunity to develop professionally through numerous student organizations.  The diversity of organizations on our campus gives you the opportunity to become involved in student life, expand your interests, or develop new ones.  As members of campus organizations, students are encouraged to implement events, programs, and activities that positively impact the campus community at large while developing social and leadership skills outside of the classroom.  Students who develop and master the leadership and communication skill proficiencies while in college, increase their chances of success as professional and community leaders.

Department of Student Affairs Staff - Broken Arrow

Jerrett Phillips, Student Affairs-Branch Campuses Director
(918) 449-6133

Jessica Roberts, Coordinator for Community Engagement for Branch Campuses
(918) 449-6119

Active Student Organizations

For more information please contact the student advisor listed below.

AMA: American Marketing Association

Sponsor: Dr. Ronald Petty
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext. 6578
Office: BABT Room, 122C
Purpose: Develop contacts and help educate students on the field of marketing and research, create networking and professional contacts.

BCM: Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Sponsor: Kenneth Jones
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext. 6518
Office: BABT Room, 124A
Purpose: To bring students together under Christ.

EYC: Future Educators of Young Children

Co-Sponsor: Dr. Anita Ede
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext. 6523
Office: BALA, Room 145
Mission Statement: To promote and support the optimal education and development from infancy through third grade and to positively influence the professional growth of educators and the efforts of others who are committed to the needs of children in changing society

LIMTSA: Library Media Information Technology Student Association

Co-Sponsor: Dr. Barbara Ray
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext. 6451
Office: BAED, Room 257
Mission Statement: This association is constituted for the purpose of enhancing the academia and professional careers of its members through the establishment of a network of library media specialists and colleagues, and by providing the opportunities for professional enrichment on topics of current interest to the association or the information profession as whole.

NASSW: Social Work Club

Co-Sponsor: Dr. Kendra Zoellner
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext. 6553
Office: BALA, Room 256
Purpose as stated in Constitution: "…to provide a positive orientation concerning the social work discipline through an interface between university and community agencies."

NSGA-BA : Northeastern Student Government Association-Broken Arrow

Sponsor: Jessica Roberts
Phone: (918) 449-6140
Office: BAAS, Room 130
Purpose as stated in Constitution: "[A] Representative student government…to provide a forum for student's views and ideas for the purpose of promoting and representing the students of Northeastern State University."

NSU Counseling Book Club

Sponsor: Elizabeth Keller-Dupree
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext 6534
Office: BAED, Room 247
Purpose as stated in Constitution: "To promote reading and provide a positive forum for graduate level counseling students to share opinions and thoughts."

NSU Student PTA

Co - Sponsor: Stephan Sargent
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext 6513
Office: BAED, Room 129
Co - Sponsor: Joan Wipf
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext 6540
Office: BAED, Room 160
Purpose: A strong advocate for the education and well being of every child.

PPHC: Pre Professional Health Club

Sponsor: Dr. Sue Woods
Phone:  (918) 449-6000 ext 6552
Office: BASC, Room 128 
Purpose: To develop competent and aggressive leadership in the health career fields. To furnish members with accurate knowledgeable information concerning healthcare fields through field trips, guest speakers, and other activities of said nature.

Psychology Club

Sponsor:  Dr. Paul Cooper
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext. 6533
Office: BAED, Room 245
Mission Statement: To further the educational advancement of psychology students as well as to share and demonstrate research or developments made by the club to faculty, the student body and the university community.

SOEA: Student Oklahoma Education Association

Co - Sponsor: Stephan Sargent
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext 6513
Office: BAED, Room 129
Co - Sponsor: Jocelyn Payne
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext 6586
Office: BAED, Room 157
Purpose as stated in Constitution: “advance the interest and welfare of students preparing for a career in education..”

Honor Societies

For more information please contact the student advisor listed below.

Chi Sigma Iota: Psychology & Counseling Masters Honor Society

Sponsor: Kelly Dunbar
Phone: (918) 449-6447
Office: BAED, Room 259

Kappa Delta Pi: Education Honor Society

Sponsor:  Dr. Debbie Landry
Phone: (918) 449-6000 ext. 6442
Office: BAED, Room 164

Phi Alpha Honor Society: Social Work

Sponsor: Dr. Eun Jun Bang
Phone: 449-6000 ext. 6564
Office: BALA, Room 252

Rho Theta Sigma: Honor Society

Sponsor: Dr. Martha Parrott
Phone: 449-6000 ext. 6536
Office: BAED, Room 159

Inactive Student Organizations

For more information on how to help get these student organizations active on campus please contact or come by the office of Student Affairs (BAAS 130).

Association of Childhood Education


BA Young Professionals

Mission Statement: To create an environment where young professionals can meet, actively support the community, and exchange ideas with other interested young professionals helping thrust Broken Arrow into the future.

Biology Club

Purpose: To provide biology students with a group that can come together for support, to provide career opportunities through local agencies and to open up to biological field to interested students.

Chi Alpha

Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to serve the community and connect to each other, while uplifting the name of Christ.

Finance Club


Higher Educational Professionals

Purpose: To help with professional development, networking opportunities, strengthening and building of cohort groups, assist with recruiting and promoting of the Higher Education Leadership Program.

Student Council of Exceptional Children

Purpose: To allow special education majors an opportunity to interact and network with other students and within the community

Students for Christ

Purpose: Students for Christ exists to magnify God through Jesus Christ providing regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, worship, and pry, all in a group setting, which also provides opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and spiritual growth among members.