Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)

Through the VIP we recognize and encourage involvement in volunteer and leadership activities.  Volunteers work with various groups and organizations on and off campus to:
·         promote career development and self-awareness
·         broaden interests and embrace leadership skills
·         gain satisfaction  from giving to a community

Membership is on an individual basis, but student organizations are encourage to register their members.  There are five levels of participation in VIP:  silver, bronze, gold, platinum, and diamond.  Volunteers will receive well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments.  Upon completion of the requirements for a given level of the Program a corresponding award in the form of a certificate from Northeastern State University is given.  Participants will receive periodic emails containing community service news and information, personal emails indicating the number of points earned to date, and an invitation to an annual Volunteer Incentive Program Awards Luncheon.

If you enjoy volunteering, register for the program by submitting a VIP Registration Form (pdf) and upon completion of volunteer activity(ies), submit a VIP Verification Form (pdf).

Participants should partake in the VIP of their own accord. To be volunteer work, the participant must not receive any compensation for their time or any award that can be exchanged for money or that has monetary value.  The VIP is administered through the Office of Student Affairs at the Broken Arrow Campus of Northeastern State University.  VIP can be reached by phone (918) 449-6140, fax (918) 449-6191, or email:  studentaffairsba@nsuok.edu

Students Volunteering