Academic Advising at NSU

Academic Advising at NSU

The basic tasks of the University's academic advising program are to help advisees identify and achieve their academic goals, and to become self-directed learners and decision makers.  Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor each semester, prior to enrollment.

NSU's Advising Model

NSU employs a shared model of academic advisement that allows for comprehensive and continued review of a student's pursuits throughout their academic career using professional advisors and faculty mentoring.  All new students must receive academic advisement upon admission to Northeastern State University. 

Academic Advisors in the University Advising Center serve first-time freshmen and undeclared students to assist them with acclimation to student life and to ensure enrollment in appropriate general education coursework.

Academic Advisors in the Colleges  (Business & Technology, Education, Liberal Arts, Science & Health Professions) serve declared undergraduate majors.  Each college employs full-time professional advisors on both the Tahlequah and Broken Arrow campuses.  The advising focus is on providing academic information and assistance to students declared in the colleges' majors, helping students navigate all aspects of the major, beginning with prerequisite program requirements and ending with degree completion.  

Faculty Advisors serve declared undergraduate majors and graduate students in the appropriate discipline, focusing on career advice, internship opportunities, research opportunities and future academic pursuits.  Faculty mentors have in-depth knowledge of their field and are the best resource for expanding students' understanding of the discipline.


Academic Advisors are generally available from 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, but may vary based on Advisor and campus. Appointments may be scheduled online through the booking links associated with each advisor on the Advising Staff page, or by viewing your Academic Advisor’s full profile in NSU’s faculty/staff directory.

Faculty advisors are available based on teaching schedules.  Please contact your faculty advisor directly for office hours.

Finding an Advisor

Students with declared majors or the intent to declare a major can find the appropriate advisor through the Advising Staff pages.  All students can also find their assigned Academic or Faculty Advisors listed on their Degree Works audit or under the Student tab in goNSU. Graduate Students should contact the Graduate College or the appropriate Faculty Advisor listed on their acceptance letter.