Major Advisement / Declared Students

Appointments may be scheduled online through the booking links associated with each advisor on the Advising Staff page, or by viewing your Advisor’s full profile in NSU’s faculty/staff directory

Not sure of your advisor?  Advisors are listed at the top of each student's degree audit.

Students with declared majors are advised in one of the four colleges by academic advisors and faculty mentors. Academic advisors assist students with enrollment, major and minor curriculum details, and related academic issues.

Faculty serve as mentors within their given disciplines and work in partnership with Academic Advisors to ensure students meet program requirements. Faculty are the primary resource for curriculum and course content, major elective selection, internships, Graduate program admission and career pathway guidance.

Students are eligible to declare their major at any time. Students with majors in education and social work are eligible to declare their majors at any time, but are not eligible for full admission into the program until all prerequisite courses have been completed.

Upon declaring a major, Academic Advisors will:

  • Review requirements for degree options;
  • Provide specific major information and planning services;
  • Review enrollment options and academic progress;
  • Review unofficial degree audits and evaluate graduation requirements.
  • Identify any deficiencies in the student's record and ways to correct them; and
  • Connect the student with an appropriate faculty mentor.