New Freshmen and Students with Undeclared or Undecided Majors

Appointments may be scheduled online through the booking links associated with each advisor on the Advising Staff page, or by viewing your Advisor’s full profile in NSU’s faculty/staff directory.

Not sure of your advisor? Advisors are listed at the top of each student's degree audit.

New Freshmen and students who are undeclared or have no preference are advised by advisors in the University Advising Center.

Students interested in pursuing careers in pre-professional health, computer science, music, or art should notify their advisor of this intent as soon as possible, and should be directed to the individual colleges for advisement and major declaration. Broken Arrow campus students declare their major upon intake with an university advisor in the Enrollment Management Center.

For undeclared students, Advisors will:

  • Assist students with navigating NSU's general education requirements;
  • Provide information about policies and procedures;
  • Refer students to other University resources and services;
  • Provide general information regarding majors offered at NSU, and;
  • Direct students to the appropriate academic advisor to declare a major or discuss specific curriculum information.