General Education for First-Time Freshman

New General Education Curriculum

General Education Checklist

General Education courses are required of all students regardless of the area in which they plan to major. Beginning freshmen should choose their first semester of course work from this list of courses. University Strategies and English are required during your first semester of college. (Business and Education Majors must complete a minimum of 48 and 50 hours of General Education respectively).

University Studies (3 hours)

  • UNIV 1002 University Strategies
  • UNIV 2091 Capstone

Written and Oral Communication (9 hours)

  • ENGL 1113 Fresh Comp I
  • ENGL 1213 Fresh Comp II

Choose one course from the following:

  • COMM 1113 Fund of Communication
  • COMM 2213 Public Speaking
  • COMM 3223 Bus and Prof Speaking
  • COMM 3303 Group Dynamics

Humanities (6 hours)

Culture and Ideas
Choose one course from the following:

  • HIST 1113 Early Western Civilization
  • HUST 1213 Modern Western Civilization
  • HUM 2113 Ancient Cultures
  • HUM 2223 Modern Cultures
  • PHIL 1013 Introduction to Philosophy
  • ENGL 2113 Introduction to Literature

Fine Arts Appreciation
Choose one course from the following:

  • HUM 2333 Art Appreciation
  • MUS 2543 Music Appreciation
  • MUS 2863 World Music
  • THTR 2763 Theatre Appreciation
  • THTR 2843 Film Appreciation

If student has completed 6 hours of required Humanities courses at a transfer institution, then he/she has fulfilled NSU’s Humanities requirements.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 hours)

  • POLS 1113 Amer Fed Govt
  • HIST 1483 Am Hist 1492-1876 or HIST 1493 Am Hist since 1876

Choose one course from the following:

  • GEOG 2243 Fundamentals of Geography
  • SOC 1113 Intro to Sociology
  • PSYC 1113 Intro to Psychology
  • ECON 2213 Microeconomics
  • ECON 2313 Macroeconomics

Natural Sciences (7-9 hours)

At least one course from the biological or physical sciences must include a lab.

Biological Sciences (3-4 hours)

  • BIOL 1114 General Biological Science (recommended for non-science majors)
  • BIOL 1113 General Biology Lecture (recommended for non-science majors)
  • BIOL 1111 General Biology Lab (recommended for non-science majors)
  • BIOL 1123 Evolution and Diversity
  • BIOL 1131 Investigative Laboratory
  • BIOL 3413 Environmental Problems

Physical Sciences (3-5 hours)

  • SCI 1114 General Physical Science (recommended for non-science majors)
  • SCI 1113 General Physical Science Lecture (recommended for non-science majors)
  • SCI 1111 General Physical Science Lab (recommended for non-science majors)
  • SCI 1314 Astronomy (recommended for non-science majors)
  • GEOL 1114 Physically Geology (recommended for non-science majors)
  • A course in CHEM or PHYS

Quantitative Analysis (3 hours)

Choose one course from the following:

  • MATH 1473 Applied Math
  • MATH 1513 College Algebra (This course may be required for some majors)
  • An advanced course in mathematics, statistics or computer programming

Life Skills (6 hours)

Choose one course from the following:

  • H ED 1113 Personal Health
  • NUTR 1653 Basic Nutrition

Select 3 hours from the following:

  • FIN 2113 Personal Financial Planning
  • HFS 3113 Consumer Issues
  • HFS 1103 Relationships and Marriage
  • PSYC 1003 Intro to Human Behavior
  • CS 1003/IS 1003 Computers in Modern Society or a more advanced CS/IS course
  • EDUC 4823 Technology in Education (This course is designed for education majors.)
  • H ED 2212 First Aid
  • P ED 4741 CPR Training
  • LIBM 4611 Intro to Online Research
  • Any military science leadership, physical education activity and/or performance-based arts course(s).

Global Perspectives (6 hours)

Select one course from two different categories for a total of 6 credit hours, or take two consecutive courses of the same language from the second-language category.

Second Language (1113 or higher)

Spanish, French, German, Cherokee, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, New Testament Greek, Latin, or American Sign Language.

American Indian Studies

  • ANTH 2223 Introduction to American Indian Studies
  • CHER 4113 Cherokee Cultural Heritage
  • HIST 3723 History of the American Indian


  • GEOG 2253 World Regional Geography
  • GEOG 2003 Global Studies
  • GEOG 2133 Global Economic Geography Political Science

Political Science

  • POL 2313 Introduction to International Relations
  • POL 2353 Introduction to Comparative Politics Literature, Customs, and Society

Literature, Customs and Beliefs

  • REL 2553 Comparative Religions
  • NUTR 3653 Food and Culture
  • ENGL 3413 World Literature
  • TECH 3023 Technology and Society
  • COMM 2543 Intercultural Communication

Computer Proficiency

Students must demonstrate computer proficiency, which includes the competent use of a variety of software and networking applications. Students may complete the requirement through one of three options:

  1. Successfully completing a high school computer science course that meets the State Regents’ high school curricular requirements; OR
  2. Satisfying NSU’s computer proficiency assessment; OR
  3. Successfully completing CS 1003/IS 1003 Computers in Modern Society or EDUC 4823 Technology in Education (for education majors).

Students should complete this requirement in their first 30 hours of course work.

Questions? Please contact the University Advising Center at 918-444-3253.