Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations

Northeastern State University values quality teaching and is continuously engaged in improving the learning environment for our students.  We conduct course evaluations every semester to assist us.

Complete course evaluations for the first eight weeks of the Fall 2017 semester October 9th thru October 13th.  Evaluations for the second eight weeks and full term classes will be available November 15th thru December 3rd.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at

Do I HAVE to complete the course evaluations?

The simple answer is no. However, your feedback is very important to us.  You will continue to receive email notifications about the course evaluation for each class until you complete the course evaluation for that class.

Why do I keep getting emails asking me to complete a course evaluation?

You will receive an email invitation for each and every course in which you are enrolled. Thus, if you are enrolled in four courses, you will receive four separate email invitations. You will continue to receive invitations for the course evaluation for each of your courses until you complete the evaluation.  If you complete the course evaluation for one of your four courses, you will no longer receive emails for that course. However, you will continue to receive emails for the other three courses.

How long will it take to complete a course evaluation?

This is dependent upon the amount of feedback you would like to provide on the course and instructor. Generally, each course evaluation should take anywhere from five to 15 minutes to complete.

When can I complete the course evaluations?

The online version of the course evaluations can be completed anytime, 24 hours a day, from the beginning of day (12:00 a.m.) the evaluation period opens to the end of the last day (11:59 p.m.) of the evaluation period.  For the second half of the Fall 2017 semester, the evaluation period begins on Wednesday, November 15th and ends on Sunday, December 3rd.

How can I access my course evaluations?

You can access the online course evaluations anywhere you have an internet connection either through the link provided in the invitation email, or through the link provided within your course in Blackboard. The link to the course evaluation can be found at the top of any page within your course. This link will disappear once you have completed the evaluation for that course.

The course evaluations ask me to give the Instructor's name, course ID and CRN. What are these and how can I find them ?

All three of these should be available in your course syllabus.

The course ID is the short name for the course (e.g., UNIV 1002).

The CRN is the Course Reference Number. It is a five digit number specific to the section of the course in which you are enrolled. You can find the CRN within the name of the course in Blackboard. It is the 5-digit number following "2017-".  For example, for "2018-21821: UNIV 1002: UNIVERSITY STRATEGIES," the CRN is 21821.

You can also find the information via goNSU in your Concise Student Schedule.

When do my instructors have access to the responses to the course evaluations?

Instructors have access to the results of the course evaluations after grades have been turned in.

Are my answers completely anonymous, or can my teacher tell which answers I gave?

No one at NSU can tell who said what, as long as you don't identify yourself in the open-ended questions.

How are the responses to course evaluations used?

Instructors use your responses to the course evaluations to make improvements to their courses for future semesters. Department chairs, program coordinators, and college deans use your responses to the course evaluations to make hiring, promotion, and award nomination decisions as well as to develop and provide professional development to instructors.