John Vaughan Library

John Vaughan Library Remodel


Major renovations are to begin at the John Vaughan Library during the summer of 2013. These renovations include a complete new roofing system as well as new flooring throughout the library.

Project Scope Roofing

  • Removal of existing roofing material
  • Relocation of roof top HVAC units to improve efficiency
  • Installation of additional roof top drain
  • Application of cold tar roofing material (low odor and excellent application for low slope roofs)

Project Scope Flooring

  • Removal of existing carpet (90% of material will be recycled)
  • Floor repair and prep for new carpet tile
  • Installation of carpet tile and new cove base

Need for Renovations

  • Current roofing system is in poor condition and structurally compromised
  • Existing flooring is worn-out, stained and delaminating from sub-floor

Dates (estimated)

Construction to begin: July 2013

Estimated completion: October 2013