Student Housing


This project includes the construction of a new semi-suite housing 
unit and renovation of two existing units, Wyly Hall and Leoser Hall.


Scope of Project

  • Construction of new 80,908-square foot, 344 bed semi-suite unit.
  • New construction will be located at the northeast corner of Lewis Street 
and Garrison Avenue.
  • The building is four-story brick, stone and painted siding.
  • The design emulates the Georgian architecture of
 Haskell, Wilson Hall and Bagley Halls.
  • Renovation of Wyly Hall will include the exterior shell and interior 
spaces including lobbies, lounges, restrooms and individual student 
  • Wyly Hall includes 134 traditional residence hall living space 
within 26,452 square feet. 
  • In addition to the surface renovations, the mechanical systems will be updated to more energy efficient 

  • Leoser Hall renovations will focus on mechanical equipment and spaces 
that deliver heating, cooling and hot water to the approximately 600 

Need for Project

  • Replacement of existing housing units that meet the needs and living 
style of today's students.
  • The new construction will afford students 
privacy and living spaces that feel more like home.
  • The renovation of the existing units will update and refresh not only the interior and 
exterior surfaces, but will address energy efficiency and mechanical

  • This new construction project will be the first new housing project in 
over 13 years; the last construction project was the Seminary Suites 

Dates (Estimated)

  • Construction to begin: May/June 2014

  • Completion: Fall 2015


  • Total project cost: $15,000,000

  • New Construction: $12,000,000 (estimated)

  • Renovation: $3,000,000 (estimated)

Funding Source

  • State of Oklahoma Master Lease Program

Student/Community Impact

  • New and renovated housing units to improve student life on campus
  • New lounge, study, laundry and community spaces for students to socialize
  • Energy-efficient design to lower the impact of utility usage.
  • HVAC system design will allow students more control of individual room 
  • Tankless hot water heaters will supply students with endless supply of hot water.

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