Career Plan

STAGE ONE: Self-Assess

  • Activate Handshake account through Career Services
  • Explore majors and career options through assessments such as MyMajors and Focus 2
  • Connect with Career Services to learn about NACE and the 8 core career readiness competencies
  • Begin building professional resume with the assistance of a Career Counselor
  • Connect with Career Services to discover job shadowing opportunities in your job area of interest
  • Create a Linkedin profiles with a professional head-shot offered in Career Services and monitor social media accounts for appropriate content
  • Join an organization or club on campus to network and develop leadership skills

STAGE TWO: Explore

  • Declare major/field of study or continue exploring options with your Academic Advisor or Career Counselor
  • Continue to seek and participate in professional development opportunities such as workshops, webinars and other on-campus activities
  • Take part in experiential learning opportunities such as informational interviews and workshops
  • Continue to monitor social media accounts as well as update Linkedin profile with professional accomplishments such as experiential learning
  • Build professional network by developing relationships with professors, recent graduates and professionals in your field of interest
  • Utilize Handshake to review on-campus interviews and internship/job postings

STAGE THREE: Experience

  • Review and evaluate career goals with a Career Counselor
  • Continue updating professional documents and Linkedin profile, as well as have them reviewed
  • Begin building professional wardrobe and complete a mock interview with Career Services
  • Join and participate in a professional association; consider attending a conference
  • Consider activity participating in a for-credit or non-credit internship
  • Attend an on-campus career fair and network with employers; inquire about internship/job opportunities, as well as graduate programs if interested
  • If applicable, research requirements for grad school application including necessary documents and entrance exams
  • Utilize Handshake to review on-campus interviews and internship/job postings

STAGE FOUR: Transition

  • Complete an internship
  • Meet with Academic Advisor to confirm progress toward degree completion and graduation
  • Continue to update Linkedin profile with professional accomplishments and monitor other social media accounts
  • Ask three people to serve as references; remember to give them a copy of your resume so they are familiar with your skills and qualifications
  • Update resume and Handshake account; review on-campus interviews and job postings
  • Attend an on-campus career fair prepared to hand out resumes and meet recruiters ready to hire OR discuss graduate program requirements
  • Apply to graduate school and take the required exams OR complete job applications. Start early! Do not wait until after graduation to apply for jobs.
  • Follow up with Career Services and complete the graduate Outcomes Survey to share your success!


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