American Indian Emergency Fund Student Application

The Emergency Fund Grant program is designed to assist students with a one-time emergency. These funds cannot be used to pay tuition, fees, or campus housing. These funds are to be used for personal expenses that may affect your ability to be successful in your academic endeavors. Emergency needs include transportation related expenses, unexpected utility bill increases, loss in family income due to illness or death, expenses related to dependent care and/or food shortages. Estimated range of award is $50-$400; all applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. All recipients are required to complete at least three hours of volunteer service within 30 days of receiving the award.


• Student must be a full-time undergraduate (12 hrs) or graduate (9 hrs) student at Northeastern State University
• Proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe

American Indian Emergency Fund Student Application

Stole Order Form

Fall 2018 Stoles are available for order.

NSU American Indian Stole
The stole features a design which reflects the history of American Indian education at NSU, printed in white on a dark green satin material. On the left side of the stole are seven diamonds which represent the seven clans of the Cherokees, in remembrance of the Cherokee National Seminaries which served as the foundation for Northeastern State University. The NSU clock tower logo appears on the right panel with the text: Northeastern State University, Legacy of American Indian Education.

To purchase a stole, please complete and return the form below with cash or a check or money order for $20 made payable to NSU. The order form and payment can be mailed or hand delivered to the Center for Tribal Studies (address located on the stole order form below). Please note, stoles must be picked up at the Center for Tribal Studies between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, or they may be sent via campus mail to the Broken Arrow or Muskogee campus. Stoles are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

  Fall 2018 Stole Order Form


Bacone House Reservation Form

The Bacone House is available for use by NSU students and departments or affiliated groups. Please download and complete the reservation form found below and provide all of the detailed information necessary to reserve the space. Accommodations for evening events will be reviewed by the Center for Tribal Studies staff and notified if approved. Please submit the form three days in advance of event to or to our location at 320 Academy Street, Tahlequah. Thank you!

For questions, please contact the Center for Tribal Studies at 918.444.4350 or

Bacone House Reservation Form