Inspired Natives and Native Inspirations Journal

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Inspired Natives & Native Inspirations: A Collection of Interviews, Research & Other Works by Indigenous People is a peer reviewed inter-disciplinary journal publication sponsored by the Title III Part F (NASNTI) federal grant program at Northeastern State University. The journal will provide American Indian professionals and students the opportunity to publish their work in both online and hard copy form. Individuals are encouraged to submit their abstracts which will be screened by the editorial board. Upon approval, full versions of the article will go through the peer review process. Abstracts should include the type of submission (research, interview, etc.) and clearly articulate the topic, including research methodology (when applicable). You may submit questions to

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8THGEN: Inspired Natives Project by Eighth Generation
*The title of this journal, Inspired Natives & Native Inspirations, was influenced by the 8th Generation Inspired Natives Project. Launched by Louie Gong in May 2014, The Inspired Natives Project is both a business initiative and an educational initiative. By collaborating with select arts entrepreneurs to manufacture products under the Eighth Generation brand, we hope to expand regional appeal of the Eighth Generation brand while simultaneously increasing the capacity of the arts entrepreneurs and educating the public about the tangible costs of cultural appropriation. Learn more here