Cherokee Promise Scholarship

Cherokee Promise

The mission of the Cherokee Promise Scholarship is to provide opportunity for Cherokee scholars to successfully accomplish one's undergraduate goals, while creating lifelong professional relationships and increasing one's Cherokee identity. Cherokee Promise is a Learning/Living community in Haskell Hall where scholars create a family away from home.

Cherokee Promise Scholars Lifeways Creed

"As a member of the Cherokee Promise Scholars, I will honor my ancestors by respecting myself and others, listening when an elder or teacher speaks, recognizing the wisdom and valuing the experiences of my elders and teachers, helping others when I can, sharing with others who have less than me, using the Cherokee language as often as possible, valuing my family, community, and Cherokee Lifeways above popular culture, always treating and speaking of others in a good way, being free of illegal drugs and alcohol, living a healthy lifestyle, which includes appropriate amounts of sleep, water and healthy foods, getting appropriate amounts of exercise daily, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in my chosen major, continuing my education by becoming a life-long learner, and passing on my passion for life-long learning and Cherokee Lifeways to others within my sphere of influence."

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