Fitness Center Membership Rates

Membership prices do not include 9.5% sales tax, which will be added to your bill. All memberships fees will be charged on a month to month basis and should be paid at the front desk of The FIT.

Fitness Center Application (pdf)

Membership Fees

Student Membership

Membership Type Fee
Currently Enrolled Student No Fee
Currently Enrolled Student's Family2 $12.50/Month
Individual Student Summer (not enrolled) $12.50/Month
ESL Student/Visiting Scholar/Intern $12.50/Month
Student Summer Family $12.50/Month
Student Summer Family (not enrolled) $25.00/Month
Other "visiting" students/interns that are not enrolled at NSU $12.50/Semester

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Faculty/Staff Membership

Membership Type Fee
Full-Time Faculty/Staff Individual (single) No Fee
Part-Time/Retired Faculty/Staff Individual (single) $15.00/Month
Faculty/Staff/Retired Family2 $25.00/Month
Sodexo/BN College Employee $15.00/Month
Sodexo/BN College Employee Family $25.00/Month

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Community Membership

Membership Type Fee
Community Single $30.00/Month
Community Family2 $40.00/Month
Community Senior Family2 (over 65) $30.00/Month
Community Senior (over 65) $20.00/Month

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Corporate Membership

Membership Type Fee
Corporate 1-10 Cards1 $300.00/Card/Year
Corporate 11-20 Cards1 $250.00/Card/Year
Corporate 21+ Cards1 $200.00/Card/Year

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Guest Passes

Membership Type Fee
Temporary Weekly Guest Pass $10.00
Temporary Bi-Week Guest Pass $15.00
Daily Guest Pass $4.50
Daily Senior Passes $2.00

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1Please see director for any corporate memberships.

2Family memberships include a legally married couple and children under 21 still living at home under the guardianship of the primary account holder. Proof of cohabitation is required before family membership is granted and does not apply to applicants that are NOT married OR parents/extended family of students. Senior family memberships include only a legally married couple. Memberships are only issued to children who are 14 years of age and older. Children under the age of 14 are ONLY allowed use of the pool under adult supervision and are NOT allowed to entry to any other area of the facility.