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University Housing

University Housing

When you live on campus, you enjoy many more opportunities and benefits than living off-campus. Residential students, on average, have a higher GPA, are more likely to get involved on campus, and are more likely to graduate. You have access to special, free extracurricular in-hall programming, where you can meet new friends and form life-long relationships with other NSU students. Networking, leadership training, employment opportunities, and connection to community and tradition are more benefits of living on campus.

Being that every hall is on campus you will not only save time otherwise spent commuting, but wear and tear on your vehicle and not to mention the current price of gas. In each hall you can expect to have free laundry facilities, access to multiple computer labs, and even a free membership to the Universities fitness center. Three of our residence halls even have food services available on location.Worried about safety? Our buildings have monitored acces via ID card access, common areas and entrances are monitored by cameras, and are regularly patrolled by our Campus Police Officers. If you are having dificulties adjusting to campus life, or just want help dealing with a personal situation we have a free in residence counseling service available. On top of that, our residence halls come with paid cable, water, sewer, trash, internet, electricity, and maintenance bills.

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