Faculty-Led Trips

After checking our Go Abroad Program Summary Form, did you find out a Faculty-Led Trip suits you the best?


Following our Step-By-Step Guide, you will get through the process easily!

For NSU faculty:

1. What is a Faculty-Led Trip?

Faculty-Led Trips are sponsored and coordinated by NSU faculty. Compared with other NSU Go Abroad programs, these trips have extraordinary flexibility:

Eligibility - everyone (unless trip leader indicates otherwise)

Travel Type - in a group with the trip leader and other travelers

Duration - a short term of 2-4 weeks during NSU Fall, Spring, Summer, or Winter break

Academics - some trips with credit are available

Financial Help - a payment plan and Study Abroad Grants are available

Application Deadline - determined by the Trip Leader

2. Apply for a Faculty-Led Trip

  1. Contact the Trip Leader for enrollment.
  2. Apply for a Study Abroad Grant: Once you are admitted to a Faculty-Led Trip, you may apply for a Study Abroad Grant.

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3. Before you leave

Four Weeks Before You Leave

The Study Abroad Coordinator will email the Trip Leader with a Faculty-Led Trip Leader’s Packet.

Three Weeks Before You Leave

The Study Abroad Coordinator will obtain a list of all travelers with names, email addresses, and phone numbers from the Faculty-Led Trip Leader’s Packet. Then, each traveler will receive an email from the Study Abroad Coordinator. According to the email, each traveler will need to submit a Faculty-Led Trip Traveler’s Packet (a copy of your passport and proof of insurance will need to be uploaded) and an international insurance enrollment form.

About the international insurance:

  • The cost is $1.50 per day per traveler. To calculate your insurance fee, multiply the daily rate for the Gold Plan times the number of days. For example, it costs $1.50 per day X 16 days = $24 for a trip from May 5th to May 20th. The Political/Security and Natural Disaster Rider is optional. The cost will be 10% more if you choose the rider service. For example, it costs $24 X 110% = $26.40 for the trip from May 5th to May 20th with a rider service.
  • Your insurance fee must be paid three weeks prior to the trip departure
  • To pay the insurance fee, any of the following methods are accepted: 

Check or Money Order is accepted 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please make the check or money order to Northeastern State University. You may submit it in person or use inter-department mail if you are on campus.

Credit or Debit card except for American Express is accepted 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday. You may bring your card in person or call us with your card number, expiration date, and card type. 

Cash is accepted 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please prepare the exact amount you need to pay since the International Office will not have change. 

If you plan to pay in person when the Study Abroad Coordinator is out of office, please inform the Study Abroad Coordinator when you plan to stop by. The Study Abroad Coordinator will ask the front desk student worker to take care of you.

  • You will receive a customer copy once the transaction is successful. 

Two Weeks Before You Leave

The Study Abroad Coordinator will close the international insurance enrollment form and submit it to the insurance company.

One Week Before You Leave

The Study Abroad Coordinator will email you with your insurance card. You may print it out and take it with you when traveling. Please feel free to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator if you don't get your insurance card before you leave for the trip.

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4. After you arrive

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