President's Ambassadors Network (PAN)

Brief Description: The President's Ambassadors Network (PAN) is an initiative established by NSU President Steve Turner in 2013 to support professional development opportunities for NSU faculty and staff and discretionary projects. Faculty and staff can submit applications for a grant from the fund and will be screened and selected by a committee made up of the current recipients of Circle of Excellence, Model the Way and STAR Awards. Recipients of grants from the President’s Ambassador Network may also serve on the selection committee in the future. As of Spring 2018, available funds for distribution total $10,000.

Applicants: Applications should reflect activities occurring between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019 for which funds are not otherwise available at the university. ​Applications may include, but are not limited to, bringing in an outside speaker, doctoral candidates presenting their dissertation research at a professional conference, faculty or staff presenting at a professional conference relating to their discipline, and/or other professional development opportunities in the best interest of the university. All university rules for funding of expenses still apply (per diem, mileage rate, etc.).

Please direct any questions to Peggy Glenn ( or 918-444-4200.

Application Closed

Applications are closed and new applications will not be considered at this time. Please watch for the email announcement in March 2019 when applications are open.