Shuttle Service


Shuttle Service

Shuttle service will be available for patrons who wish to attend the investiture ceremony and reception for Northeastern State University President Steve Turner Oct. 4. The ceremony will take place at the NSU Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, Oct. 4 at 1:30 p.m. with the reception following at the University Center.
Public parking and shuttle service will be available at the following lots on campus off of Muskogee Ave.:

  • Library parking
  • Haskell Hall parking
  • Journalism Building parking
  • Business and Technology parking
  • Webb Building parking
  • Faculty/Administration parking
  • Continuing Education parking (old visitor center)
  • Fitness center parking
  • Overflow parking on Goingsnake St.

Public parking will also be available off College St. at the following locations:

  • South Science parking
  • Education/Science parking
  • North Education parking
  • Overflow Library parking

Parking attendants will be on hand to help direct patrons to the appropriate parking lots. These attendants will also inform individuals if lots are full and where overflow parking is available. Also, special VIP and Delegate parking spaces have been reserved. Directional signage will also be available to help direct patrons to the proper parking lots.


Investiture Ceremony VIP and Delegate Parking Link

Investiture Ceremony General Parking Link