Installing 911Shield

Make sure to turn on "Location Services" on your phone before installing.

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The 911Shield campus safety application provides the NSU community with the ability to be connected at all time, regardless of location, on or off all three campuses. The app provides easy ways for the community to contact NSU Police in case of an emergency on campus, make non-emergency reports, request a safety escort, and gain access to NSU's emergency policies and procedures. 

Through the use of the global positioning systems (GPS), as well as a indoor positioning system (IPS), 911Shield is able to provide NSU Police's 24-hour dispatch in Tahlequah with an accurate location of the user even if they are inside of a building. This also allows the app to use geofencing to determine if the user is on or off campus and will call 911 when off campus.

While the emergency call feature is an integral part, 911Shield's non-emergency features are what sets it apart.

iReport provides a way for members of the community to send non-emergency reports to NSU police through text with the added ability to upload photos and video to accompany the report. Reports made this way may also be made anonymously.

Friend Watch is a peer to peer way to look after your friends. This feature allows users to create an alert by including information about location and description of activity, and start a timer for how long it would take. At the end of the time period, if the user hasn't press the OK button, an alert would be sent to the user's emergency contact. The emergency contact would then be able to contact NSU Police. 

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