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Apply for graduation for the semester in which you plan to satisfy all degree requirements. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to review your degree audit and address any questions or concerns about degree completion as soon as possible.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be submitted by the following dates:

  • Spring graduation: January 1
  • Summer graduation: March 1
  • Fall graduation: August 1
For the Master's Degree application, visit the Graduate College.



Select the link below to apply for a Bachelor's degree or certificate. If a Google screen appears, you will need to enter your NSU email account and password. Select Organizational Google Apps Account. You will be given a screen to enter your NSU username and password. Upon completion of the information, the form will populate.

Online Application for Bachelor's Degree/Certificate

Information for Degree Applicants

Congratulations on making it to the final steps of receiving your degree from Northeastern State University. Upon completion of applying for graduation, you will be placed on the tentative graduation list for the semester you indicate on your application. General information is listed below to guide you through the upcoming processes.

Please remember that there is a difference between commencement and graduation. Graduation is successful completion of your degree program; commencement is the ceremony celebrating graduation. Most students have not yet graduated when they walk across the stage at commencement because final grades for that last semester have not yet been processed and the final degree audit has not yet been performed.

Received Applications

You can verify that we received your application via goNSU by clicking the Student tab and selecting View Application to Graduate at the bottom of the Registration Information section. You will not receive any communication from the Office of the Registrar indicating that your application has been received.

Degree Works Degree Audit

Make sure you check your Degree Works degree audit to verify you are on track for graduation. Any questions regarding your audit should be directed to your academic advisor. Neither your advisor nor the Office of the Registrar will “clear” you for graduation prior to commencement.

Commencement Ceremonies

Commencement ceremonies are held in Tahlequah in December, and in both Tahlequah and Tulsa in May. In general, you must participate in the commencement ceremony in the semester in which you will complete degree requirements. If you apply for fall graduation, you will walk in the December commencement exercises; if you apply for spring graduation, you will walk in the May commencement exercises. There are two exceptions:

  1. If you apply for summer graduation, you will walk in May commencement since we do not have summer commencement exercises.

  2. If you attend the Broken Arrow campus and apply for fall graduation, you may choose to walk in commencement exercises at Tahlequah in December or in commencement exercises in Tulsa in May the following spring.

Detailed information on commencement is posted to the NSU Registrar website approximately 30 days prior to commencement dates.

Final Degree Audit

Final degree audits are performed after all grades for the final semester are processed and sufficient time has passed for all other records such as academic forgiveness, grade changes, course substitutions, incomplete forms, official transcripts from other schools, capstone experiences, tests scores, etc., to be entered. All paperwork must be received in the Office of the Registrar no later than two weeks following the close of the semester in order for you to remain on the roster of graduating students for that term. Transcripts from other schools must be mailed directly to NSU. The actual date for this final deadline will be published in the commencement instructions each semester. If you have met all degree requirements, the degree will be conferred and posted to your transcript. You can check to see if your degree has been conferred by looking at your advising transcript via goNSU. If the conferral date field is populated, your degree has been conferred.


If you did not meet all requirements for graduation, you will receive an email via your NSU email account stating that you are deficient for graduation. You will need to check your Degree Works degree audit and contact your advisor for assistance with determining what requirements are not met. You must then reapply for graduation for the future term in which the outstanding requirements will be met.


Diplomas are mailed approximately three months following the date of degree conferral. Diplomas will be mailed to the address on your graduation application. Any change of address for diplomas must be sent to the Degree Auditor via email to If you have not received your diploma 12 weeks after the end of the semester for which you applied for graduation, first check your online transcript to make sure your degree was conferred. If your transcript shows a conferral date, check to make sure you do not have any holds on your account as your diploma will not be mailed if you have holds. If your degree has been conferred and you do not have a hold, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 918-444-2208 or


Congratulations on your academic achievements!