Withdrawal from NSU



  • January 25: Sixteen Week Classes
  • January 14: First Seven Weeks
  • January 15: First Eight Weeks
  • March 11: Second Seven Weeks
  • March 12: Second Eight Weeks


Deadline dates for withdrawals and refunds for each semester are posted on the Academic Calendar available from the Course Schedule page. Refund and withdrawal dates are different for short term classes and full term classes. NSU does not withdraw students for non-payment and does not issue partial refunds. Check the calendar each semester before classes start in order to ensure your withdrawal form is received by the pertinent dates.

In order to officially withdraw from all classes (or from your last class) for the semester, complete the Online Semester Withdrawal. The effective date of the withdrawal will be the date the form is received in the Registrar's Office.

Only the Registrar's office can completely withdraw students from all courses for a given semester. If you are enrolled in a short-term class that has already ended (weekend seminar, first-eight weeks, etc.) do not use this form. Instead, you must withdraw yourself from each remaining course via goNSU.

Office of Registrar Withdrawl Photo