Office of Research Administration: Grant Guidelines

Grant Post Award Guidelines

New Hire and Change of Employee Status

The two forms to be used for any new hire or change of employee status are:

  • Employment or Termination Form: For new hire or termination of employee.
  • Change of Status Form: For change in contract/salary or to renew contract of currently employed personnel.

These forms are used to maintain a current, correct employment status on all part-time and full-time employees. They are used for initial employment and termination of employment for all non-student employees. For an initial hire, the PAF is completed and processed by the department in which the employee will be working. All payroll documents (PAF, Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9, Form W-4, Loyalty Oath), along with a copy of the applicants’ driver’s license and Social Security card, must be completed and accompany the PAF. The PAF should be signed by the Employee, Project Director, and then forwarded to the Office of Research Administration. After signature from the Account Sponsor, it is forwarded for other required signatures before being returned to Payroll. If assistance in filling out the PAF is required, please contact the Office of Research Administration.

Effort Reporting

Effort reporting is a federal requirement.  As a requirement to receive federal funding, institutions must prepare and maintain an accurate system for reporting the percentage of effort that employees and/or project directors spend on federally sponsored projects. Effort reporting certifies to the granting agencies that the effort required, as a condition of the award, has actually been completed. Northeastern State University has elected to apply this policy to federal and all other sponsored program awards.

Purchasing Procedures

Purchase requests are entered via the online purchasing system by the department. After entering the purchase request into the system, a print screen copy with the Project Director’s signature must be faxed or delivered to the Office of Research Administration for approval. After approval from the Office of Research Administration, the purchase request will flow through the required approvals online and then be assigned a purchase order number. To increase or decrease an existing purchase order, the request must be made in writing, signed by the Project Director and forwarded to the Office of Research Administration for approval. The request will then be forwarded to the Purchasing Department.

Receipt of Merchandise

Merchandise or services received by departments become payable immediately upon receipt and should be entered in the “Receiving Process” of the purchasing system with the actual date that the merchandise is received. Instructions for completion of this process can be obtained from Research Administration or the Purchasing Department. It’s extremely important that this process be done when merchandise or services are received.

Receipt of the Invoice

After the invoice is received by the originating department the following steps should be taken:

  1. Verify the information on the invoice as correct: Check PO#, Amounts, Quantity, etc. for accuracy.
  2. Receive the invoice in the purchasing system and record the following information on the invoice:
    1. FOAP (Fund, Org.,  Account and Program Number)
    2. Purchase Order Number
    3. Grant Code
  3. Make a copy of the invoice for the department records.
  4. Forward the original invoice to the Office of Research Administration for processing.


Travel must be justifiable for proper execution of the Sponsored Program and listed in the approved budget. Reimbursement for Travel:

  • Travel is based on actual expenses incurred, subject to the limitations established by the University’s Travel Policies.
  • Travel forms are available in the Business Office. If you have questions regarding completion of this form, you can contact Shellie Scheu at 918-444-2803.
  • All receipts for travel should be the originals taped to a blank sheet of paper. You will need two signed travel vouchers and one signed reimbursement summary for each travel claim.
  • After travel form is completed and signed by the Project Director, the travel form must be forwarded to the Office of Research Administration for review and approval by the Account Sponsor. It will then be delivered to the Office of Business Affairs for payment.
  • Traveling across the state line does require quotes for air versus driving expenses. If you have trouble figuring this, contact the Office of Business Affairs for assistance.
  • The mileage rate is subject to change. Please check with the Office of Business Affairs for the current reimbursable rate.

Cash Advance and Report Form

The cash advance top portion should be completed in full by the Director of the Grant Program or personnel making the trip. After completion of the top half, the Director will initial the form and forward to the Office of Research Administration. After review and Account Sponsor approval the request will be sent to the Office of Business Affairs for processing.

Cash Advance requests should be completed five days prior to trip date.

Retain all receipts from your trip. Original receipts and any monies left from cash advance check should be returned to Office of Research Administration. Original receipts should be attached to blank paper. Be sure to keep a copy of these, along with a copy of the cash advance and report form, for your records. Any remaining monies and receipts must be returned to the Office of Research Administration within three business days. If you exceed your cash advance request, a refund check will be requested at that time.

Visa Card Purchases

Purchases may be done via credit card on Grant Programs. The Visa card is available in the Office of Research Administration for check out. A purchase order must be completed prior to Visa card purchases. To request the Visa card, call the Office of Research Administration and give the department name, date, description of purchase, cost center number, purchase order number and object code. If the Director of the grant is assigning this duty to personnel in the department, the Office of Research Administration must be notified via email or fax from the Director. The Visa card is only checked out on a daily basis and must be returned before 5 p.m. on the date issued. All original receipts must accompany the return of the Visa Card. Copies of the receipts should be retained by the department for records. If the Grant is allowed to use a Visa card from another department, the original copies remain with the card holder and photo copies are given to the Office of Research Administration for grant account documentation.

  • When using any Visa card, or making any purchases through NSU, make sure that Sales Taxes are not charged. Notify the sales clerk before the transaction begins that it is a non-taxable sale.
  • Do not use your personal Visa for any purchases on your grant. We cannot reimburse for purchases on personal credit cards.