STAR and Rising STAR Staff Awards

Nominations for the STAR and Rising STAR awards are given annually in the spring by the Staff Council to outstanding NSU staff. Nominations will be accepted for full-time staff members who received a successful performance appraisal for the current fiscal year and who excel in the STAR qualities and demonstrate integrity and a strong commitment to the values of Northeastern State University.

Those employed full-time for at least two or more years may be nominated for the STAR award. Nominees for the Rising STAR award must be in their current position between six months and two years at the time of nomination. Anonymous and self-nominations will not be considered for STAR awards.

Nomination materials should consist of STAR Awards Application Form, letter of nomination providing detailed information describing and using specific examples for how the employee has demonstrated excellence in the STAR qualities and the Values of the University, and at least two but no more than three concise narrative letters of support that describe and provides examples how the employee meets the criteria listed above. Letters of nomination and letters of support should be emailed to Shandi Teague, For additional information, please call 918-444-2400.

The Staff Council Star Award committee will review all nominations and make selections based on the criteria listed. Nominations and information will be kept confidential. Nominators will be contacted if their individual nominee is selected and will be responsible for making sure he or she attends the Employee Recognition Reception held on Thursday evening, April 26, 2018. Previous winners for either the STAR award or the RISING Star award are not eligible for nomination, nor is any Staff Council Committee Member allowed to be nominated. Staff Council Star Award Committee members will not be allowed to submit nominations.

Recipients will receive a $150.00 Check, Barnes & Noble Gift Card, Annual Parking Permit, and STAR Award Trophy.

Nominations Closed

The STAR and Rising STAR award nominations are closed. Come back next spring.

For more information contact the Staff Council at

STAR Qualities

Service: Demonstrates dedication, displays courtesy of others, and is a valuable and devoted employee.

Teamwork: Exemplifies unity and positive morale, continuously provides assistance to colleagues, supportive and dedicated to the team concept.

Attitude: Maintains a great disposition, has a pleasing demeanor, displays character, leads by example, and always operates with poise.

Reliability: Displays campus and colleague loyalty, functions with integrity on a daily basis, and is consistently dependable.

Values of the University

Integrity: Models integrity through ethical and intellectual behaviors and practices by advancing honesty, human dignity, and accountability.

Collaboration: Engages in collaboration through partnerships to create learning opportunities and promote educational and economic success.

Creativity: Advances creativity through exploration, innovation, critical inquiry and intellectual freedom.

Leadership: Inspires leadership through its commitment to prepare and serve others.

Excellence: Pursues excellence by continually improving individually and as a community.

Communication: Advocates communication through the free flow of information and ideas.

Diversity: Values diversity and empowerment by promoting the rights of individuals and equal access to educational and enrichment experiences, respecting cultural differences, and ensuring equal opportunity.