Greek Life Information for Parents


Welcome from the Office of Greek Life at Northeastern State University. The Greek community here at NSU is one of the most dynamic around. NSU Greeks are continually recognized at all levels. This is truly an exceptional Greek community you are considering.

NSU Greek men and women excel in a number of areas. Greek men and women are consistently performing in leadership roles such as Rookie Bridge Camp Staff, Student Government, and Riverhawk Ambassadors, just to name a few. Fraternities and sororities perform more community service, many thousands of hours are completed yearly. Nationally, the Greek grade point average is higher than that of their non-greek counterparts. 

In looking at the fraternities and sororities of NSU, look closely at the chapters from several viewpoints. Look at the men or women who comprise the chapter. Look at each chapter’s achievements. Finally, look at where the chapter is going and how you think you might be able to contribute. Remember, the BEST chapter on campus is the one that best fits you.

As each organization’s representatives speak with you, consider the founding values of the organization. They should be able to tell you how and why their organization was founded. Ask them how they live up to those values in their chapter today, both on campus and the surrounding communities.

You should associate with a group of men or women who have similar values, interest, and goals to your own. You should associate with men or women with whom you are comfortable. The organization you choose should be made up of men or women with whom you will be proud to call “brother” or “sister” for the rest of your life.

Please be aware, the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council recruitment process is substance free. Any organization that violates this rule is suspect and you should carefully evaluate its values and standards.

Have fun and enjoy yourself as you consider becoming involved with some of the finest men and women Oklahoma has to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, no question is off limits as we understand the Greek recruitment process can be confusing.