Student Affairs is comprised of committed professionals possessing the knowledge and skill necessary to contribute to a quality co-curricular student experience. We encourage the development of self-authorship and community engagement through the promotion of life-long learning, positive relationships, diversity, and a lasting commitment to Northeastern State University.


Student Affairs strives to be a campus leader in the development of cutting edge programs, services, and resources designed to prepare students for their role as productive citizens in a dynamic, diverse, and global society.

Core Values 


Learning is the life-long commitment to the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skill. Whether through scholarly work, life experience, or teaching, we value both personal and professional growth and development in each other and in our students. 


Student Affairs equates Diversity with acceptance and respect. Diversity means understanding and celebrating the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and contributions of each individual at Northeastern State University. 


Founded on an understanding of our institutional heritage and culture, we utilize consciously created interpersonal and organizational environments to positively impact the community of Northeastern State University. 


Excellence in Service: Our commitment to quality and a standard of care that we provide to students, and the NSU community through continuous improvement, professional standards, and positive growth. 

Excellence in Staff: Our commitment to quality and professional standards in our recruitment and retention of staff members, continued education and professional development, dedication to life balance, compensation, and growth as a staff.


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