2017 Spring Introductory Leadership Certificate


  • build your resume!
  • bring experience to interviews!
  • add it to your involvement transcript!
  • receive recognition at an end-of year ceremony!
  • learn more about your leadership style!

Certificate requirements include the following:

1. Attend and participate in five one-hour leadership workshops, held on Wednesday evenings starting at 5:15pm: (students must attend all five workshops to receive the workshop)
-Values and Identity (Feb. 15)
-Leadership and Communication Styles (Mar. 1)
-Ethics and Integrity in Leadership and Decision Making (Mar. 8)
-Principled Dissent (Mar. 22)
-Collaboration for Change (Apr. 5)

2. Participate in one Leadership Experience during the semester. Options include:
-Attend two career center workshops and submit a reflection
-Attend a Safe Zone training and submit a reflection
-Attend a leadership conference and submit a reflection (ie, Greek Leaders Retreat, Big Event Conference, etc.)
-Attend all RBC trainings and submit a reflection
-Attend all SOAR leader trainings and submit a reflection
-Other experiences will be considered on an individual basis

3. Complete an evaluation prior to the first and after the last workshop to help assess program effectiveness