SDS - Eligibility for Services

Official Request for Accommodation

All students must complete intake forms before any accommodation can be considered. It is the student’s responsibility to put their needs into writing. This office can counsel or provide recommendations to the student regarding various accommodations that might be available to them, however, it is the student’s ultimate responsibility to request a specific service or need.

Northeastern State University Official Request for Services Form (pdf)


All students must provide documentation to support their disability(ies). Documentation must come from a licensed or professional source and should be typed on official letterhead. Students may provide this material from their personal records or request material from a licensed professional or agency. Documentation must be current and relevant with a diagnosis and, if necessary, describe how the condition impacts the student at the current time and in the current circumstances. High school documentation sources may be used, if appropriate. The student might need to be retested using adult based norms. Your documentation must be in the form of a letter with the statement of your diagnosed disability and how it impacts your classroom ability.  Official medical records are not appropriate and will not be accepted to meet your documentation requirement. Information obtained is confidential and is used solely for the purposes of documenting a disability and identifying appropriate support services. 

Approval Process

All first time applicants need to arrange an intake meeting with the coordinator of Student Disability Services before their applications will be reviewed. This meeting will provide the coordinator with information concerning the student's strengths and weaknesses as well as to review of the appropriateness of the requested accommodations. Upon completion of the intake process the students and faculty are notified in writing of approved accommodations. 

Appeal Procedure

Any student who is denied accommodations is eligible to request an appeal. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the coordinator of Student Disability Services within five working days of the event. The appeal file will be given to the Student Disability Services Advisory Board for review and recommendations to the Vice President of Student Affairs. A final decision will be made by the Vice President of Student Affairs. The student will be notified in writing of the appeal decision.

Grievance Procedure

Students who wish to contest the decision of their appeal can initiate a grievance using the established university grievance procedure. The procedure is located in the online student handbook as well as the Student Affairs website under student rights and responsibilities.

Students may file a complaint with any of the following agencies:

Kansas City Office
Office for Civil Rights U.S. Department of Education
1010 Walnut Street, Suite 320
Kansas City, MO 64106
Telephone: 816-268-0550
Fax: 816-268-0599; TDD: 800-877-8339

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Civil Rights
Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202-1100
Telephone: 800-421-3481
Fax: 202-453-6012; TDD: 800-877-8339

NSU Webb Building