Ask Libby

Ask Libby

How do I know if I need medical care?

An illness or injury that is unusual or unusually serious for you may indicate the need for a professional diagnosis and treatment. Many minor conditions can be cared for at home with self monitoring, rest and over the counter products. You may read up on common problems and see if home treatment is appropriate.

How can I get more information on medical conditions and care needed?

Check symptoms on responsible websites that cover most common medical conditions. Some of these sites include,,, or

Where do I go for medical care?

During regular hours, the Student Health Center will assess any registered student who is ill or injured in a timely fashion and provide appropriate medical evaluation and treatment.

If I’m sick, should I stay home from class/activities?

You should always try to attend class unless you are too ill to go, are running a fever of 101 or higher or are instructed by health care professional that you should not go. Students who are hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated for a prolonged time should contact their professors and ask their medical care provider for needed documentation. Please refer to University policy regarding absence for classes.

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