Don't Cancel That Class!

All classes are a minimum of 50 minutes unless noted otherwise. Questions and open discussion are encouraged.  Sessions led by qualified Student Affairs staff members.

To schedule a class to be covered or to just have us come speak about a topic, please email

Stress Management: 

This discussion will arm you with techniques to get yourself out of a funk and on your way to success. Nothing in life is harder than trying to get it all done.

Guided Meditation: 30-45min

Close your eyes and calm your mind with a guided meditation session. 

Well Student - Staying Healthy:

Discussion of habits college students can start to keep themselves healthy throughout life.


STI’s - The Icky & Itchy:

Learn the ins and outs of all things Sexually Transmitted Infections. Includes a game style format for classroom participation.

Sexual Health: 

Nothing taboo about it, discussion around safety and general sexual health information. 
(Can be condensed to go along with STIs discussion)


Learn the signs of healthy vs unhealthy relationships. Session will also include ways to keep yourself safe as well as ways to communicate with others. Will include discussion surrounding basic Title IX knowledge and consent.

Stupid Drink & Risky Behaviors:

Well almost everyone has been there at some time. Learn how to keep yourself from taking it too far. Discussion will focus on BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), proper pour techniques and how to survive a night out without hurting yourself or others.

Bystander to Upstander:

Learn ways to be a good Upstander, everyone can help others. This course will teach you tricks and tips to change a situation while keeping yourself and others safe.

Mental Health & Wellness:

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of wellness. This discussion will help students and groups find ways to help themselves and others. Methods of self care and treatment options will also be included.

Preventing Campus Violence/NSU Behavioral Intervention Team

You have heard the news reports about “bad” things happening at other schools. Learn the things to look for and ways you can notify the right people.