The Big Event

One Big Day. One Big Thanks. One Big Event

April 2, 2016

Riverhawks realize the importance of community. The Big Event is a one-day service event that allows Northeastern State University students, faculty and staff to say “thank you” to members and businesses of the Tahlequah community for their continued support and molding of collegiate careers.

Bringing campus and community together is the mission; giving time, sweat and a handshake is how it is done. The Big Event jobs include painting houses, raking, weeding, cleaning, washing windows, working school carnivals and much more.

The Big Event, started at Texas A&M and now involving more than 70 other schools, is not about the number of jobs completed or about the number of students who participate each year; rather, it is the interaction with the residents and the resulting unity in the community that makes The Big Event so big.

Job Request Application

Job applications will go live for the 2016 Big Event at the beginning of the year, please check back during this time.

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