Placement Exams

Placement Exams

NSU uses placement exams to determine college readiness in Mathematics, English and Reading. The results of these exams are used to match students with appropriate NSU courses. Students scoring below 480 on English and Reading and below 530 on the SAT subject score may be required to take placement testing as well as students scoring below a 19 on individual ACT sub-test in English, Math and Reading. If you are unsure of your need for placement testing please call the Testing Services Office at 918-444-2139 or the Academic Advising Center at 918-444-3253.

Students are encouraged to take the placement tests well before classes begin so they can study and retest, if necessary, to avoid taking developmental classes. Students must wait a minimum of one week after taking placement tests before they are eligible to retest. Students will be allowed to retest twice. Students will be charged for second and third attempts. Once classes begin, only exceptional circumstances will warrant retesting, and the student must seek approval from the instructor teaching the class to be retested in that subject area.

 Placement Testing Accommodations

If you have a disability and require accommodations to complete the placement tests, it is recommended that you contact Student Disability Services at least one month prior to your scheduled placement test. The Student Disability Services office will need to review all documentation and make arrangements for your accommodations. 


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