Veterans Services Policies

Veteran Policies

Absences related to active military service

The university has a policy in place to aid you in the event you are called to active military service.  It is not applicable to annual training for reservists or National Guard personnel, which falls under regular university absence policies.

Active military duty as a war measure

If you have attended classes through the 12th week of a regular semester or least three-fourths of other terms, the grade you have earned up to the time is that issued for the course. If you have not reach the 12th week of classes, a 100 percent refund is given.

Active military duty not as a war measure

If you are called to active military duty, but not as a war measure, you may withdraw from classes and receive a 100 percent refund. Your instructor may also permit an incomplete if you are making satisfactory progress in the course. Other alternatives may be worked out between you and your instructor.

Refund requirements

You must provide a copy of your military orders to the Registrar's Office before a refund is issued or an incomplete form is processed.


If you are called to active duty and stop attending classes without notifying your instructors, a grade of "F" will be assigned at the end of the semester. Upon receipt of appropriate documentation, a change of grade may be processed utilizing the Grade Change Procedure.