Institutional Assessment Plan

Most recently revised by the Student Learning and Assessment Committee, Academic Affairs, and the President’s Cabinet in 2021, the NSU Institutional Assessment Plan articulates a methodical system of improving the quality of degree and co-curricular programs at NSU through assessment of student learning. NSU’s assessment plan, grounded in the university mission and vision, aligns to our institutional priorities and strategic goals as articulated in the NSU Strategic Plan. 

Why do we assess Student Learning?

  • Data collected through this the institutional plan framework assists the following constituent groups:
  • Students to improve their educational experience and personal development;
  • Faculty to modify and improve course content and design;
    Programs to modify and improve curriculum, to review the efficacy of learning outcomes, to document evidence of student learning and program success, and to improve assessments;
  • Colleges to prioritize the allocation of resources and monitor the quality and alignment of their degree programs to the mission and strategic plan;
  • Academic and support services staff to modify and improve student programming and services; and 
  • Senior administration to evaluate the quality of degree programs and support services and monitor the institution’s effectiveness in executing its mission.
  • Monitor the institution’s effectiveness in executing its mission.