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Registering for Classes

You must use goNSU, NSU's online self service system, to register for classes. If you need help using goNSU, see the goNSU student guide (pdf).

Registration Overrides

You must obtain a registration override from the academic department office offering the class before being allowed to enroll in a closed class. Registration overrides for prerequisites must be obtained from the course instructor or academic department office. After receiving an override, you must use goNSU to register in the course.

Short-term Class Enrollment

You must enroll in short-term classes before they begin. Students are encouraged to enroll in short-term classes at the beginning of the semester but will be allowed to enroll in them up to the day before the first class meeting. The refund period for short-term classes is prorated based on the length of the class. It is recommended that students drop short-term classes before they begin in order to ensure a refund will be given. You can drop the short-term courses using your self service menu via goNSU.

Add/Drop Procedure

Deadline dates for withdrawals and refunds for each semester are posted on the Academic Calendar available from the Course Schedule page. Refund and withdrawal dates are different for short term classes and full term classes. NSU does not withdraw students for non-payment and does not issue partial refunds. Check the calendar each semester before classes start in order to ensure you are dropping by the pertinent dates.

You may add or drop a class by using the self service menu via goNSU. The approved dates for adding classes are listed in the semester calendar of the class schedule. The student must secure approval of the instructor, department chair and/or college dean, and present it to the Registrar's office in order to add a class after the last day to add has passed.  

If you have a hold that is preventing you from dropping a class, contact your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office for assistance. You may also send an email with your NSU ID number and the CRN of the class(es) you want to drop to registrar@nsuok.edu.  This process is not for dropping all classes during a semester at NSU.  Refer to the Withdrawal page for information on a complete withdrawal.

Automatic "W"

If you withdraw from single courses or completely from the university before or during the 12th week, you will be assigned a "W" regardless of your progress in the course. If you withdraw after the 12th week, the instructor may assign a "W" or "F" depending on your standing in the course.  This applies to all full term courses for a spring or fall semester. 

Verification of Enrollment

Enrollment verifications may be obtained by sending an email from your NSU email account to registrar@nsuok.edu or by picking one up at the Registrar's Office. A photo ID is required if picking one up in person.  If requesting by mail, be sure to include your name, NSU ID number and the semester you need verified on the request.  The verification will be mailed to your email address.  Students are frequently required to obtain enrollment verifications for governmental or private agencies. Verifications are often required for student loan deferment, especially of transfer students who have received loans at previous institutions. Insurance companies, the Veterans Administration, or other agencies may require proof of enrollment or grade point information for other types of eligibility. Many require verification of full-time or half-time status.

If you are an undergraduate or special student, full-time status is defined as 12 or more credits per semester; half-time status is 6-11 credits per semester.

If you are a graduate student, full-time status is defined as 9 or more credits per semester; half-time status is 5-8 credits per semester.

We cannot count audit registration and enrollment in correspondence courses for certification purposes. To obtain a verification for a loan company, bring your loan deferment form to the Office of the Registrar.

More information about deferments and other exceptions to the definitions of full-time and half-time status is available at the Office of the Registrar.

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