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Logan Blunt

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I am the University Representative covering Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas, Southeast Kansas, and Southwest Missouri. I am a 2021 graduate of Northeastern State University with a bachelor’s degree in Musical Arts with a minor in Media Studies. I am super excited to be able to share with prospective students what all Northeastern State University, as well as Tahlequah, has to offer.

To me, NSU represents a true home away from home. Growing up in Owasso, I was always surrounded by so many people who I really didn’t know at all and sometimes I felt very overwhelmed by that many people in a town. I had no idea where Tahlequah was, or even NSU, until my senior year of high school whenever NSU hosted a band competition. After the competition, I did some research about the campus and decided to take a tour. I instantly fell in love with the campus and the community of Tahlequah, the moment we started our campus tour. 

NSU gave me so many opportunities to be involved. Not only was I a part of the RiverHawk Marching Band, but I was also involved in the Future Alumni Network, the RiverHawk Ambassadors who give tours on campus, Kappa Kappa Psi, and many other musical ensembles.  By signing up for these student organizations, I was able to give back to my campus and also meet some of my best friends for life. 

As you start to turn the page on the next chapter of your life, it's important to start doing things your way. Do what is best for you. For your past, your present, and most importantly, your future. College will not be easy all the time, but I can tell you that it will be worth it. By surrounding yourself with NSU’s engaging faculty and amazing community, you will find your chance to spread your wings and soar as a RiverHawk.

If you have any questions about Northeastern State University, the area, the students, or the atmosphere, please feel free to reach out anytime! I can’t wait to meet you! Go Hawks!

About Logan

Owasso, Oklahoma

B.A., Musical Arts: Instrumental with a minor in Media Studies, Northeastern State University

My favorite aspect about NSU is the opportunity to be involved. With NSU’s 100+ student organizations and clubs, you are bound to find something that fits your needs. Here are the organizations that I was involved with: Future Alumni Network, RiverHawk Ambassadors, Kappa Kappa Psi, NSU Marching Band, NSU Wind Ensemble, NSU Communiversity Band, and the NSU Pep Band.

I have been working in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment for 4 years and have fallen in love with all aspects of the job. I get to meet new people on campus tours and show them my favorite things about campus, I get to help students get applied to attend NSU and become apart of the RiverHawk family, and I also get to work with some of the best people in the community who are both an inspiration, as well as a helping hand.

My favorite spot on campus is the area in between the library and Seminary Hall. During the Fall, it is truly the most beautiful place on campus. It is such a great place to relax, take pictures, study, hang out with friends, and just take in the campus for its beauty.

My favorite NSU sports are Men’s and Women’s Basketball. I love basketball, playing or watching, and I just love how so many people show up to support the teams. I got to play in the NSU Pep Band for 4 years, and it was my favorite part of every school year. Go Hawks!

Just do it! When in doubt, just do it. Nothing will ever hurt you. Apply for that scholarship, ask questions, talk to your counselors, hit the submit button, request more information. Just do it. You know your best instincts more than anyone else, so just trust yourself. Not sure? Reach out to me and I can help guide you down the path that is best for you! Sometimes, some of your best moments and memories in life happen and are remembered because you took a second, and just did it, and it turned out for the best in the long run.