Common Advising Questions

Can I take all online/weekend/night classes?

You may be able to take several online/weekend/night classes in a semester, and our non-traditional class offerings are increasing.  However, most majors cannot be completed entirely online or through weekend or evening-only classes. These non-traditional course offerings were created for the purpose of supplementing the traditional course schedule and allowing greater flexibility for students who are unable to attend during regular class times.

Adult students who have an earned Associate's Degree may be eligible to complete a degree online in Criminal Justice, or Health Care Administration through NSU's College of Extended Learning

How long do I have to enroll?

Enrollment deadlines for each semester can be found on the calendar; however, course selection becomes progressively limited the longer a student waits. If you have specific schedule requirements, enroll as early as you can.

Will my previous college coursework transfer to NSU?

For information regarding transfer course guidelines, visit our Transfer Student Admissions page.  If you are a current NSU student with questions regarding previous transfer coursework, please visit with your academic advisor to have your coursework evaluated.  

Where can I find information about the academic calendar?

The academic calendar can be viewed by selecting "Important Semester Dates" under the appropriate semester on the Course Schedules page.

Where can I find the degree requirements for my major?

Students can view the degree requirements for their major through NSU's online catalog. Students can also see degree requirements and remaining coursework on their degree audit through the Degree Works system.

How do I know which math class I should take for my major?

Applied math or college algebra will work for most majors, with the exception of the few majors that require college algebra or calculus. A student is encouraged to visit with his/her advisor to select the appropriate math course.

How do I know if I am computer proficient?

Students must demonstrate computer proficiency, which includes the competent use of a variety of software and networking applications. Students may complete the requirement through one of three options:
1. Successfully completing a high school computer science course that meets the State Regents’ high school curricular requirements; OR
2. Satisfying NSU’s computer proficiency assessment; OR
3. Successfully completing CS 1003/IS 1003 Computers in Modern Society or EDUC 4823 Technology in Education (for education majors).

Where can I find information about academic forgiveness, reprieve, and renewal?

Information regarding academic forgiveness policy can be found on the academic forgiveness form.  For questions regarding policies, contact your advisor or the Office of the Registrar.  Graduate credit is not eligible for forgiveness.

How can I calculate my GPA?

The Degree Works Audit contains a GPA calculator, located near the top left of the page.

GPA can also be calculated by using any online GPA calculator.  Please note that outside GPA calculators will only give you general results.

How do I know if I have a hold on my account?

You may check to see if a hold has been placed on your record by visiting your self-service menu via goNSU.  Additional information regarding holds can be viewed on the Holds and Clearance page.

How does goNSU work?

Instructions for navigating goNSU can be found in the Student Self Service Guide (PDF).