Course Registration and Enrollment

Add or Drop a Course

To add or drop a course, log in to NSU's online self service system, goNSU. If you need assistance using goNSU, see the goNSU student guide (pdf) or contact your academic advisor. If you have a hold on your account that prohibits registration (adding or dropping a course), please see the common holds page before contacting your advisor.

Waitlist for a Course

To waitlist for a course, log in to NSU's online self service system, goNSU. Waitlisting can be achieved by either selecting the checkbox next to your desired course or by entering the CRN directly on the Add Classes Worksheet. You will receive an error message if the course you are trying to enroll in is closed and there is a waitlist available. The status will reflect the fact that the course is closed and how many other students are on the waitlist. Not all closed classes will have a waitlist.

To be added to the Waitlist, choose Wait Listed under the Action heading.

You will be notified through your NSU email if a seat becomes available for you. Check your mail often as there is a limited window of opportunity (24 hours from when the email is sent) to enroll in a class when it becomes available. You must then enroll yourself in the course using self-service banner.