Common Reasons for Holds

Common Holds

Holds can be viewed through goNSU by selecting "Registration Status" under the Registration Tools section of the Student tab. If you do have holds on your account, "View Holds" will show the status of your holds and what they affect.

The Originator tells you who placed the hold on your record as well as a contact number to call for clarification. Not all holds prohibit enrollment in courses.

If you have a hold on your account, you must contact the associated department for clarification and to resolve the hold.

University Advising

All first-semester freshmen and continuing students with no declared major are required to meet with an academic advisor every semester, prior to enrollment.

These meetings allow for the advisor and student to discuss goals, challenges, and ensure students understand academic requirements, including general education, major exploration, and enrollment in major pre-requisite coursework. 

Academic Advising

Major Declaration: Undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic advisor in the college in which their major resides in order to review requirements, discuss time to graduation, and finalize major declaration.


Students on Academic Probation will have a hold restricting enrollment that requires students to complete an Academic Success Workshop and complete a follow-up meeting with NSU's Student Success Coordinator.

This meeting ensure students are aware of the academic probation policy and develop an academic success plan.

Senior Checkpoint

Declared Undergraduate students will receive an enrollment hold once 90 credit hours have been earned. This hold requires students to meet with an academic advisor to verify remaining graduation requirements and plan the final semester(s).

Over 24 Hours w/Deficiency

Students who have not completed developmental coursework within the first 24 credit hours are required to meet with an advisor and discuss a plan for remediation. These plans may including testing and/or limiting future enrollment.

Other Holds

Other non-advising holds may hinder a student's ability to enroll. Some of these include:

  • Admissions (transcripts)
  • Financial Hold 
  • Student Affairs