Registration Errors


Registration Errors

You do not meet the prerequisite or corequisite for this course:

Scenario 1: You have not yet taken a course that is required for enrollment in this course; Check the course description to see what courses are required and enroll in those courses instead.
Scenario 2: You are attempting to enroll in a course that must be taken concurrently with another course; Check the course description for the corequisite course number, find the CRN numbers for both course sections, and enroll using the CRN numbers on the Add Classes Worksheet.
Scenario 3: You have successfully completed the pre-requisite coursework, but are still unable to enroll in the course. Contact your Academic Advisor.

Contact the instructor:

Scenario 1: Contact the instructor to request permission to enroll in the course. Permission will be granted based on the discretion of the instructor. If an override is performed, you must then enroll in the course through goNSU.
Scenario 2: No instructor is listed. Contact the associated department.

Time conflict:

The course you are attempting to enroll in conflicts with another course in which you are already registered.
Scenario 1: Select a course at a different time to avoid the conflict
Scenario 2: The course ends/begins at the exact same time another course begins/ends. The student must contact both instructors with his/her full name, student ID/N Number, semester in which he/she is attempting to enroll, CRNs, Course Numbers, Course Titles, and explanation of the conflict. One of the instructors must send to the registrar, in writing, his/her approval for you to leave early/arrive late, and state you will be required to make up any coursework missed. The registrar will enroll you in the course once permission is received.

You do not meet the student attribute restriction for this course:

Scenario 1: The section of the course is restricted to a particular set of students such as honors students, Cherokee Promise Scholars, President's Leadership Class, etc. Select an alternate section of the course.