Faculty Advisor / Mentor Resources

the faculty advisor/mentor role

Faculty Advisors/Mentors serve declared undergraduate majors and graduate students in the appropriate discipline, focusing on career advice, internship opportunities, research opportunities and future academic pursuits. Faculty mentors have in-depth knowledge of their field and are the best resource for expanding students' understanding of the discipline.

The overarching responsibility of a faculty advisor/mentor is to build relationships with majors in their disciplines, providing a meaningful contact point for students for their academic training at NSU and post-graduation plans. Faculty advisors/mentors are not experts in all areas of the university, but they should be informed enough to provide useful information and act as an advocate for students. Some specific areas in which faculty advisors/mentors may provide guidance include:

  • Connecting students to relevant services at NSU
  • Connecting curriculum to career readiness
  • Discussing study abroad opportunities
  • Discussing internship opportunities
  • Facilitating research opportunities
  • Counseling on career advice
  • Counseling on graduate school opportunities
  • Connecting students to career services for reviewing/editing resumes
  • Referring students to the appropriate student affairs services
  • Reaching out to students concerning academic alerts