Student Success Tips

Student Success Tips

As a new NSU student, you might face obstacles that could make it difficult for you to be academically successful. NSU is committed to helping you overcome those obstacles by giving you the tools and guidance you need to successfully reach your academic goals.

As you review the following success tips, ask yourself if you are prepared to commit the time, energy, determination and focus needed to succeed in college.

  • You must attend class! Attendance is crucial and will impact your grades in all of your courses.

  • Make a list of specific academic goals. This will give you some direction for your academic career.

  • Buy your books before classes begin. You may have assignments on the first day of class. Books can be purchased through an optional line of credit that every student has access to called Talon Charge. Books can always be returned (with a receipt) during the first week of class.

  • Know that your Academic Advisor is always available to answer questions and offer academic advice. Feel free to stop by and see us in the University Advising Center as often as you would like.

  • Free tutoring is available. If you feel that you need assistance, ask for help before it is too late.

  • Stay on top of all of your assignments. Unlike high school, it is your own responsibility to remember when assignments are due and tests are given.

  • Campus involvement is an important component. Academic success and campus involvement often go hand in hand on a college campus.

  • Making good choices is very important. The choices you make now, good or bad, will often stick with you throughout your collegiate career and beyond.

  • Always take care of financial obligations. College is a big and costly commitment. Financial responsibility is vital to being successful in college.

  • Live on campus. Living in the Residence Halls makes college life much easier. Organizations are close, involvement is easy, and classes are near. Campus life multiplies your chances of connecting with the NSU community.

For more information or to speak with an Academic Advisor, please contact the University Advising Center at 918-444-3253.