Think 30!

Complete 30 credit hours a year and save money, save time and fast track your career!

Think 30!

Work with your advisor to put together a plan that will help you meet your individual goals.

Watch the Complete College America video.

Save Money

Reach out to Student Financial Services to help you finance your college education. With planning you save money by avoiding unnecessary classes and time in school.

Save Time

If you complete 30 credit hours a year, you are more likely to graduate. The fewer hours you take, the more challenging it will be for you to complete your degree.

Fast Track Your Career

Whether you plan to earn your bachelor's degree and start your career or continue on to grad school, touch base with our career counselors to make sure you are on the right path for the career you want. Networking opportunities, career fairs, internships or resume and cover letter reviews; the Office of Career Services will help set you up for success.