Office of Budgets and Accounting


NSU Accounting System


To provide financial and accounting needs to the NSU community by providing accurate and timely financial data in a professional courteous manner.


The Accounting division of The Office of Budgets and Accounting provides university wide general accounting functions for departments on NSU campuses. Our purpose is to:

  • Maintain the university's financial accounting system and processes all relevant documents;
  • Assist all departments with understanding the Banner system and provide beneficial accounting information for their operations;
  • Prepare internal financial reports that include monthly account details, analysis, and projections essential for effective planning, control, and decision making;
  • Prepare external financial reports required by outside entities to evaluate the financial condition of the university, including all audited financial statements of the university, and various surveys;
  • Develop policies, procedures, and internal controls necessary to meet the university's financial obligations, maintain budgetary control over capital projects, and maintain the university's compliance with all accounting principles, practices, and reporting requirements



Supervise accounting functions and maintains financial statements. Provides beneficial account data to departments and outside entities.

Capital Asset Accountant

Maintains accounting control over funds used for the construction, renovation, and acquisition of long-lived assets for university purposes.

Maintains capital inventory records.

Assists other departments in tracking their inventory and properly documenting changes in inventory.

Expense Accountant

Assist departments with accounting corrections and necessary financial system training (Banner and Self-Service Banner). Process tax payments and required payroll reporting to the IRS and states.

Revenue Accountant

Post incoming revenue and reconcile cash to state accounts