Employer Career Event Policies

Career Services Employer Event Policies 

Career Services is excited to partner with your organization! Our events provide wonderful opportunities to connect with career ready RiverHawks. To ensure events run as smoothly as possible, our Event Policies can be viewed below. 

Make sure your organization is set up on Handshake to stay in the know! All communications about fairs will be sent through Handshake to those connected with your organizations registration. For questions, contact Career Services; careerservices@nsuok.edu.

  • All events hosted by the Career Services Department are defined as networking events allowing for the recruitment of students and alumni candidates. Employers are asked to share information specific to employment and career opportunities. Graduate schools are encouraged to discuss application requirements and processes.
  • The Career Services Department events are not for employers, school districts, or organizations, to solicit employer business contacts. If a representative of one's establishment is found to be conducting business other than recruiting students and alumni for possible positions, that representative will be asked to leave the event immediately. In addition, that representative forfeits any fees associated with the event and will be subject to the Denial of Service policies.
  • All full-time positions must require a minimum of a Bachelors degree to qualify for recruitment at job fairs.
  • Employers who utilize door-to-door sales strategies, multilevel marketing, and pyramid structures do not qualify to attend job fairs.
  • Employers identified as third-party recruiters and/or staffing agencies, as well as companies offering independent contractor positions, may be limited to participation in job fairs and career events on a waiting-list basis; if space is available after job fair registration deadline is reached, companies representing any of the aforementioned categories may be permitted to participate in the event, at the discretion of the Career Services Department.
  • Employers who wish to conduct on campus interviews must be hiring for a specific position(s) or internship(s) within an identified company or organization. Employers and individuals offering employment/entrepreneurial opportunities must pay a base salary equal to or greater than the federal minimum wage and comply with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Northeastern State University organizations/entities will be provided a reduced registration fee. The reduced registration rate includes one table, two chairs, and complimentary refreshments and or lunches for two recruiters. Additional recruiters will incur the expenses of additional registration fees.
  • Career Services reserves the right to deny recruiting privileges (on campus interviews, career fairs, workshops, etc.) to any organization.
  • Any organization that registers after the deadline of the event will not be included on the Student Directory or Map.
  • No services will be provided to any employer requiring employee payment of any kind or the purchase of product(s) or work equipment/tools (with the possible exception of safety equipment such as steel-toed boots). We do not encourage students to participate in roles as independent contractors. In addition, we do not provide service to any organization that requires students to participate in an unpaid training program nor positions that offer commission only.
  • Multi-Level Marketing Companies or Pyramid companies, also known as Network Marketing Companies, or companies that utilize door-to-door sales strategies, are not defined as "employers" by the Career Services Department and are not eligible to participate in events hosted by Career Services. Multi-Level Marketing and/or Third-Party Companies may contact the University Center to schedule information tables, or rooms on campus.
  • The Career Services Department considers organizations that engage in the following to be Multi-Level Marketing Companies:
    • Sponsoring an individual to set up his/her own business for the purpose of selling products or services and/or recruiting other individuals to set up their own business.
    • Requiring an initial investment from this individual, with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation. The initial investment may be direct payment of a fixed fee, payment to attend an orientation or training session, and/or purchase of a starter kit.
    • Compensation is often in the form of straight commission, fees from others under their sponsorship in the organization, and/or a percentage of sales generated by others.
    • Position includes duties that are limited to commission based sales and/or recruitment based merit or pay.
    • All full-time positions must require a minimum of a Bachelors degree to qualify for attending the NSU Career Fair.
  • NSU Career Services chooses to partner with select third-party employment services that meet university approval and agree to the following criteria:
    • Third-party recruiters will disclose to students the name(s) of the client, or clients, that the third-party recruiter is representing and to whom the students credentials will be disclosed.
    • When deemed necessary, third-party recruiters will disclose information upon request to Career Services that would enable Career Services to verify that it is recruiting for a bona fide job opportunity. Information should include contact information for the organization for which the third party is providing recruiting services. Career Services must respect the confidentiality of this information and may not publish it in any manner.
    • Third-party recruiters permitted to attend Career Events will represent employers who have authorized them and will disclose the names of the represented employers to the Career Services Department upon request.
  • The Career Services Department assigns tables using a complex formula that takes into account industry designation, display needs, electrical needs, number of recruiters present and competition.
  • No substitution of individuals is allowed (i.e. if a total of 4 representatives attend, you will be charged for 4, even if only 2 are at your table at any one time).
  • If more representatives attend than the number for which your company has paid, if allowed, your company/organization will be invoiced for any additional representatives after the event.
  • Tables cannot be shared by multiple employers unless registration allows. One table per company or business, unless registration indicates otherwise or prior approval from Career Services has been given.
  • Table assignments are final. If an open table is available on the day of the event, an employer may request to move. The Event Coordinator will facilitate such discussions and all decisions are final.
  • On occasion, one or two tables become available for walk-up job fair registrants. These tables become available because of "No-shows." If such a table becomes available, the Career Services Department will release that table 30 minutes after the start of the fair to the employer who made the first walk-up request (and a second table to the second request, etc.). The fee for that table will be double the regular rate. That employer must have payment in hand (check, money order, credit card, cash). The Career Services Department does not encourage walk-up registrations as we cannot guarantee table availability.
  • On occasion, employers request extra tables. Because of Oklahoma fire code and facility restrictions, the Career Services Department adheres to the predetermined possible layouts for the event. There are a limited number of spaces for extra tables, and the configurations are therefore limited. If allowed, an extra table is billed at a specified additional table fee which varies per event. Requests are processed by sequence received and by payment collected. Please review event registration for details on table allowances.
  • The NSU Career Services Department requires pre-payment for event registration.
    • Registration for NSU career events will not be confirmed until payment is received. If an exception is needed due to state or federal regulations, please notify the Department of Career Services in writing prior to the event date. (careerservices@nsuok.edu)
    • Although pre-payment is required to secure a table(s) for the event, not pre-paying or no showing does not qualify the registration for a cancellation. Please see Cancellation Policy.
  • The Career Services Department can process credit card payments, cash, money orders, and check payments. Checks and money orders should be payable to: Northeastern State University Career Services Department (Our Federal ID number is 911898417).
  • Mailed to:

Career Services
Northeastern State University
701 North Grand Avenue
Tahlequah, OK 74464

  • The Career Services Department will process payments in a timely manner, will make receipts available when requested, and will email payment confirmations.
  • If registered participant cannot attend, someone else may attend in his/her place.
  • If NSU Career Services Department cancels an event, the organization/student will receive a 100% refund.
    (Please see specific event registration page for associated rates and fees.)
  • Should inclement weather prevent the event, NSU Career Services will reschedule for an alternate date. All fees, as well as cancellation policies, will apply for the alternate date. *The Teacher Job Fairs will not be rescheduled and will be cancelled.
  • In the event of inclement weather, please consult the following for official news regarding the event schedule:

    NSU Career Services:
  • Refunds will not be issued for cancellations that occur after the established registration deadline to any Career Services Department event. Organizations who cancel past the deadline but have not remitted payment will still be help responsible for expenses incurred. Cancellation requests received prior to the deadline, may receive a refund of fees paid.
  • No refunds will be given for no-shows to Career Services events. Organizations will be held responsible for expenses incurred by NSU and fees paid are forfeited.
  • Please understand that the Career Services Department does not issue refund checks; instead, the University's Accounts Payable office does this. Refunds may take between 30-45 days to process.
  • Cancellations will be accepted provided that notification is given in writing to the Career Services Department. Cancellations must be sent via e-mail to careerservices@nsuok.edu and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline.
  • No refunds are given to any representative or establishment that has violated a Career Services Department policy and is denied services. Fees paid are forfeited.
  • Late arrivals must inform the Career Services staff of their late arrival time. Call ahead! The Career Services Department will post a sign on late arrival table tops noting their ETA. Representatives who fail to notify the Career Services Department of a significant delay in arrival time in advance may forfeit their table space.
  • Career Services will release all unclaimed tables 30 minutes after the event opens to students as the cutoff time to determine a no show .
  • In the rare instance that the registration fee is not paid, yet the employer was confirmed to attend the fair, and subsequently no-shows , that financial obligation remains due and payable to the Career Services Department upon demand.
  • Northeastern State University organizations/entities must submit cancellation requests in writing or refunds will not be issued for cancellations occurring after the established registration deadline to any Career Services Department events. Cancellation requests received prior to the deadline may receive a refund of fees paid.
  • An NSU organization/ entity deemed a no-show to a Career Services event will be responsible for expenses and all fees previously paid are forfeited.
  • Any organization with an outstanding debt for a previous event will be denied registration to future events until payment is received.
  • The Career Services Department reserves the right to refuse services to any representative or establishment for any of the following reasons:
    • Dishonesty and/or misrepresentation of the establishment and/or position.
    • Discrimination according to EEO practices.
    • The establishment or work assignment interferes or negatively affects academic progress, or requires or encourages students to discontinue their academic program of study.
    • Failure to provide FULL DISCLOSURE of essential information concerning the nature of the position or compensation including but not limited to commission only, job responsibilities or applicant requirements; breach of confidentiality; reneging on established agreements between the Career Services Department and the employer (verbal or written); reneging on a job offer to a student.
    • Failure to pay for billed services.
    • Harassment of Northeastern State University students, alumni, staff or faculty.
    • Failure to adhere to the Career Services Department guidelines and/or any other violation of Northeastern State University rules and regulations. Any fees paid to the University through the Career Services Department during this period are forfeited to the University.
  • Packages and displays may be shipped in advance, and must arrive a week prior to the event. Last minute shipping may cause delays in recruiters receiving their packages for the event.

For events on the Tahlequah Campus:
NSU Career Services
ATTN: Career Event
701 North Grand Avenue
Tahlequah, OK 74464

For events on the Broken Arrow Campus:
NSU Career Services
ATTN: Career Event
3100 East New Orleans
Broken Arrow, OK 74014

  • NSU Career Services will schedule a FedEx and UPS pickup for the end of the event. Participants should have all materials boxed with labels properly completed (including organization account number) and attach to all materials being shipped. NSU Career Services is not responsible for unlabeled or improperly labeled packages, as well as lost packages.
  • Career Services is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. If an event participant experiences a loss of personal items, Career Services will hold the items (if found) until the organization has made shipping and return arrangements. Career Services is not responsible for the cost of returning such items. Lost, stolen or damaged items are the sole responsibility of the owner and/or participant. Career event participants may report the loss of such items to NSU Campus Police: 918-458-2111 (TQ) and 918-449-6248 (BA).
  • For information regarding emergency situations during a Career Event, please follow the link to the official NSU Risk Management Policy.