Employer Recruit On Campus

On-Campus Recruitment | Career Ready RiverHawks

Want to connect with students on campus outside of Career Fairs? We have a variety of ways you can connect with Career Ready RiverHawks! Career Services strives to build and maintain relationships with alumni and employers who are looking for interns, part- and full-time workers, alongside other career opportunities for NSU students and alumni. 

We welcome all opportunities to partner to meet your organization's needs and understand not all organizations are created equal and some require creativity in connecting with students. Reach out to Career Services to discuss your specific recruiting needs with our staff today!

To host on campus interviews, simply follow these steps:

  1. Post the job you will be recruiting for on Handshake
  2. Determine what type of interview schedule will accommodate your recruitment needs (listed below).
  3. Call the Career Events Specialist at 918.444.3115 to set up the on campus interview.


Opens schedules are first-come, first-serve. Eligible students who meet the employer's requirements submit an online resume and sign up for a specific time slot. Open schedules should not be mistaken for Information Tables/Sessions, please refer to our Lunch & Learn opportunities.

Pre-select schedules allow all students who meets the employer's requirements to submit an online resume. The employer will review the submitted resumes and "pre-select" those students who will be invited for an interview.

Information Booths and Classroom Presentations can help your organization share information. Select a day you would like to visit the campus and the department will schedule it. Complete the Campus Visit Request Form to request either an Information Booth or Classroom Presentation.

Information Booths are a great way to meet NSU students. Representatives are encouraged to hand out giveaways and information about your organization. Career Services staff members work diligently to ensure your organization's booth is located in an area on campus that will introduce you to students in the degree field you are seeking.

The Career Services team will partner with faculty members to create a schedule of classroom presentations upon request. Presentations range from professional development to sharing what your organization has to offer. Presentation lengths may vary, and dates are subject to faculty schedules and availability.

NSU Career Services invites employers to provide a Lunch and Learn meeting. Lunch and Learns raise awareness of your organization and build relationships with students to provide information on internships, employment and experiential learning opportunities. The Career Services team advises students to attend these meetings for both career exploration and to seek information on opportunities for employment and experiential learning.

Employers are asked to provide food and beverages for the Lunch and Learn meetings. A variety of catering menus and price ranges are available. Career Services will assist your organization with catering arrangements. Complete the Campus Visit Request Form to request a Lunch and Learn meeting. For additional information or assistance, contact Career Services.